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Warrick Whisson
0408 220 828 warrick@financemyway.com.au

Warrick brings decades of experience in the Perth property industry, serving as a steadfast guide for clients navigating the emotional journey of property financing and purchases. With a keen understanding of the diverse backgrounds and situations his clients face, Warrick excels as a compassionate and knowledgeable advisor. Drawing from his robust background in banking and finance, including roles at Westpac and HLIC LMI, Warrick offers clients strong and sound advice, smoothing out the stresses inherent in the process. His expertise extends beyond finance, as he adeptly directs clients to trusted suppliers for additional services or professional advice. Outside of his professional pursuits, Warrick finds solace in his passions. Whether it's enjoying AFL matches, indulging in fishing and boating activities, or retreating to his beloved Augusta, Warrick embraces life with enthusiasm. Not one to shy away from getting his hands dirty, he relishes the challenge of manual work as a refreshing change of pace. Looking ahead, Warrick dreams of embarking on an Australian caravan adventure, embodying his philosophy of "Adventure before Dementia." With his wealth of experience, genuine compassion, and adventurous spirit, Warrick continues to make a meaningful impact in both his professional and personal spheres.

Graham Shackles
Finance Broker
0409 938 339 graham@financemyway.com.au

Graham, with a career spanning decades, has become a trusted guide in navigating the complex world of property finance. From assisting clients in securing their first homes to facilitating investments and ensuring smooth transitions for their children into the property market, Graham's expertise shines through. With a background rooted in banking and finance, Graham transitioned to mortgage broking in 2002 and has since been dedicated to providing tailored solutions for his clients. His commitment to excellence is evident in his Diploma in Banking and Finance, as well as his memberships in esteemed professional organizations like the MFAA and AFCA. Beyond his professional endeavors, Graham is deeply involved in his community. He's a stalwart presence at the Secret Harbour SLSC, where he earned recognition for his contributions as an Age Manager. His passion for swimming extends to his role as a Referee and Starter, and his commitment to sports also finds expression in his membership at the Serpentine Golf Club. An avid supporter of cricket and AFL, Graham also finds joy in simple pleasures like tending to his lawn and garden, often accompanied by a cold drink. With a wealth of experience and a genuine dedication to his clients and community, Graham embodies the essence of a trusted advisor and a cherished community member.

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